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What did you like most about the workshop ?

# I loved the fact that IC walked the talk (used stories when making a point himself) . All examples were very sticky.

# It kept me engaged and intrigued throughout the time. It was relevant to the challenges & expectations we face.

# I learnt how to form a story, how to collect and store stories and more importantly practice how to tell a story. This will help me to be a better communicator and connect with people.

# Highlighted how powerful stories can be when told in the right manner and how you can influence/ motivate using them

# The training wheels which do feel like science in story telling

# This is such a vital shift that doesn’t just impact my professional life but also my personal life .



What did you like most about the workshop ?
# Importance and impact of stories. It can make a difference.

# The ‘discovery’ of storytelling as an authentic, natural skill. The practical elements / tips to building our own story bank.

# It gave a completely new perspective on how we can land our messages more successfully, with lots of examples to help us realize how it can be achieved. What I values the most is the multiple levels the knowledge we got can be applied : personally, professionally, in the corporate world and beyond.

# Activities, collaboration, believe that learning comes through practice

# Interaction. Theory/Practice Mix. Simplicity. Practical application ideas.



What did you like most about the workshop ?

# The Science of story telling

# The power of the story

# Relevant to my business

# Simplicity, conciseness, having the exercises in groups.

# Creating stories. Mostly the stories I used was spontaneous so lacks any structure. May be now these would be more meaningful to the audience

# Converting a concept into a science for ease of practice

What did you like most about the workshop ?

  • It was practical & very relevant. Thanks just what I needed at this point.
  • Highly engaging and structured – great examples, specially the videos, well delivered
  • Facilitation – it was insightful and hard hitting
  • There were so many stories & we tend to get drawn to rich stories but we never lost the plot & direction which were the takeaways.
  • Anecdotes and videos shown