What did you like most about the workshop ?

  • It was practical & very relevant. Thanks just what I needed at this point.
  • Highly engaging and structured – great examples, specially the videos, well delivered
  • Facilitation – it was insightful and hard hitting
  • There were so many stories & we tend to get drawn to rich stories but we never lost the plot & direction which were the takeaways.
  • Anecdotes and videos shown

What did you like most about the workshop ? Why ?

# Gives a good technique to communicate complex aspects to stakeholders like management, clients, teams etc

# New concept and new ways of engaging with customers and individuals + Better communications

# Workshop was interactive between the participants and the facilitator.

# It is related to my work and must be use to improve

# The simple teaching style and scenario discussions

# Engaged audience & stories which connected, relevance and gist


What did you like most about the workshop ?

• Was awake full time ! Did not have a boring moment.

• Applicability of stories to real business scenarios

• Very powerful! The entire concept itself is very important

• Simple framework for storytelling & spotting.

• Connect story – a lot depends on personal relations in a matrix organisation.