Philips SFL 2 Score StoryWorks


“What did you like most about the workshop ?”

  • The process of demystification of story telling. Types of stories and their structure.
  • The preparation done to structure this course. Especially on how the different aspects like video, websites etc clubbed. Excellent delivery by Indranil.
  • The process of demystification of story telling. Types of stories and their structure.
  • Simple structure to understand the science of story telling.
  • Relevant content for any development/ need.  Stories to bring alive the point.
  • Minimum slides, used lot of examples.


Which session and exercise you felt was particularly useful ?

# Story telling logic and framework. Using story telling to make the touch point outstanding

# Structural clarity in presentation

# Connecting the story where one has to tell their story was quite good.

# The video and the clarify story part are helpful

Another wonderful team. This was a large one. 34 participants. Another great day of learning story skills. This is what participants had to say.

“Entire experience of story telling has been simply superb. It has opened a completely new dimension of thinking.”

“Fantastic ideas on how to influence others through stories”

“Practical, do-able, inspiring, everything connected!”

“It helped us understand stories as new way of communication with internal and external team.”

” The Workbook is very well designed – important note and learnings can be preserved”IMG_4527 IMG_4510 IMG_4511 IMG_4513 IMG_4516 IMG_4521 IMG_4526


What did you like most about the workshop ?

# Importance of Storytelling, and the impact of the same

# Well spaced and the presenter kept alive the group

# Applicability. Easy to grasp & how it can impact my life.

# Provided the method of story and practical

# Use of practical exercises. Good quality slides. Lucid and clear explanation by Indranil



What did you like most about the workshop ? 

# Simplicity of presentation and communication.

# Refresher. (Conscious) of already practicing behaviour.

# The different methodology influence story, connection story, etc

# Structure of different types of stories, helps get a good mental model.

# Very practical and can be converted to practice.

# Domain knowledge.



What did you like most about the workshop ? 
# I liked the concept. Its a powerful tool if used well.

# Well rounded context, very relevant to my daily work.

# The way the workshop was crafted and delivered. Exceptional and Engaging.

# Spending time crafting our own story. 1st hand practice. Story triggering. Very relevant to where we are.

# Somebody actually wanted to put a structure to a format which I thought so far was very personalised. Thats interesting. The variety of participant group.


What did you like most about the workshop ? Why ?

  • The structure of story telling gives me some confidence that i can
  • The session were interactive and trainer knowledgable . Well strucutred
  • Simplicity of presentation. Great session
  • The simplicity and lucidity
  • The structured manner of storytelling
  • IC was very engaging, shared personal experience which was very interesting and relevant

IMG_3760IMG_3781 IMG_3787 IMG_3800 IMG_3821 IMG_3827 IMG_3836 IMG_3736 IMG_3754 IMG_3735

What did you like most about the workshop ? Why ?

  • Refreshing point of view  – opened my mind to the possibilities both professionally and personally
  • Interactive session. context was build up with relevant examples
  • The facilitation and IC’s knowledge about the subject
  • Facilitator. Was articulate, connected with the audience,knowledgeable / experienced
  • Simplicity

IMG_3684 IMG_3686 IMG_3689 IMG_3690 IMG_3691 IMG_3698 IMG_3704 IMG_3708 IMG_3712


What did you like most about the workshop ? 
# The program was participative & connected everybody to the theme of the program

# Emotional connect in all of the activity / story put life into it.

# Connection stories – connected leader is need of the hour

# How business storytelling can influence / change leadership. Earlier totally blank but after training completely clear. This workshop will help me very much. This will help me to be effective leader can motivate / influence team

# “My message is not sticking”. This is reality in many communications, has shown how it can be made sticky & people go for it.

# I do a lot of story building, but there used to be many flaws. This program helped me to identify flaws with fair feedback from the instructor.


What did you like most about the workshop ?
# Fruitful information & very well prepared documents

# Guidelines to spot an oral story. It is practical and applicable to improve business skills.

# The Cynefin framework about problems, because it helps me understand the problem & how to deal with it effectively.

# Very well-structured. Very well crafted. Very engaging. Every point was demonstrated with examples

# Spotting an oral story is the one I like most, it shows me how to tell my story in an inspired way.

# Highlight narrative structure to easily memory each of story types.