What did you like most about the workshop ? Why ?

# I felt like I was in a TED Talk kind of session. It was informative, fresh and engaging. One of those moments I could truly say “I learnt a lot”.

# I have picked up a lot of tips from the session. Storytelling initially seemed like a simple type of communication – but for kids. It’s apparently not.

# It had the right balance of group activities and talk. Appreciate the workbook as well. Speaker was also very open and approachable.

# That I learnt the basic about storytelling and how powerful it can be, how to use it to my advantage.

# There are a variety of techniques on how to be a better storyteller for different situations we encounter in the business world.

# Types of stories and the highlight as to how including human and emotions can influence the story.


What did you like most about the workshop ? 

# The element of experiential learning was a very effective. Brainstorming & discussion along with real example was very effective

# The facilitator was knowledgeable and able to practically and realistically guide the group to learn

# The fact that it resonated with a long thought of mine that stories bring the point clearly –  more than case studies

# Stories creation , spotting a story, case studies, personal banks.

# Simple terminologies, easy to adapt and practice


What did you like most about the workshop ?

# The Science of story telling

# The power of the story

# Relevant to my business

# Simplicity, conciseness, having the exercises in groups.

# Creating stories. Mostly the stories I used was spontaneous so lacks any structure. May be now these would be more meaningful to the audience

# Converting a concept into a science for ease of practice


What did you like most about the workshop ? 
# From introduction of the concept, the flow, actionable techniques, the way IC conducted the workshop were excellent.

# The use of stories to deliver the point being made. Timeliness

# Experiential & convincing through practice , Methodical approach to the abstract

# Details about the structure of an oral story. Also how to use it in a business content

# The techniques, the reading materials, the exercises

# The science behind what seemed an art was most interesting for me

# Tool to deliver a message powerfully


What did you like most about the workshop ?



# The flow & sequence of the topics. Each had a connect and every time i was able to relate and be aware of the program

# Influence story telling pattern because it requires lot for me

# The interaction between the facilitator & participant was seamless.  Got to learn a lot or how to make my storytelling skills in a scientific manner

# Presentation – It included applicable videos & examples

# That it was a revelation that storytelling can be used as a leadership tool


What did you like most about the workshop  ? Why ?

  • Well spaced and the presenter kept alive the group
  • Applicability. Easy to grasp & how it can impact my life
  • Use of practical exercises. Good quality slides. Lucid and clear explanation by Indranil
  • Interesting topic & interactive
  • Quality of content

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What did you like most about the workshop ? 
# Highly relevant to our jobs & structures help

# Tangible, easy tips to follow & practice

# Very Interactive

# Examples, structure, baby steps of learning, audience participation

# The 4 storytelling pathways framework

# How to create and deliver presentation with storytelling

# The overall structure was very engaging. It drove home the point of effectiveness of stories very very well.


What did you like most about the workshop ? 
# Way above expectation. Didn’t believe that a workshop could get so interesting.

# Gave a very good understanding of different ways of communicating and an effective way of validating your point.

# It has a decent co-relation to my profession and I can use them in my day to day work

# It helped me realize how important stories are. Before this workshop we were unknowingly absorbing stories but never knew where to use them effectively

# How to find /spot a story

# Rejigged the importance of storytelling in comm. Learnt the structured approach to it


Some great feedback. A few of the participant answers to the question “What did you like most about the workshop ?”

  • Very relevant and practical can be applied immediately
  • It’s the way of presentation which included all communication mode effectively, it was very impressive and informative.
  • Put a structured method to storytelling and gathering of stories.
  • The quality of the facilitator & the workbook
  • Workbook that was given and the way everything is organised, I found the intensity of the facilitator. Beside this, I can use what I learnt in personal life as well.
  • The whole process of contextualizing storytelling for business.

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What did you like most about the workshop ?
# Story structure & how to tell a story.

# Simplicity, practical.

# Everyone was engaged throughout the day.

# Topics on clarity story & influence story.

# Examples & Structure.

# Eye opener.