What did you like most about your workshop ?

# Passion & knowledge of trainer

# Very engaging and active participation, clarity, quality content and relevant stories

# Structure, teaching style & the content

# Practical illustrations really worked wonders

# The examples provided were very clear & close to the topic taught. 6 months of feedback mechanism is very good.

What did you like most about your workshop ?

# Flow, examples, activities. Passion of facilitator.

# Concepts, techniques, activities, engagement because lots of learnings. Indranil (IC) is awesome trainer!!

# Story structure, how to deliver the story. These are useful for professional & personal success.

# The workshop was quite interactive and gave lot of amazing insights about storytelling and its use in business situations.

# I think it was well designed and delivered so that there is sufficient retention.


What did you like most about your workshop ?

# Great structure supported by excellent visuals. Facilitator with hands on experience in business

# The flow of the workshop and the gradual  understanding leading to vision

# Practical exercises etc. These give us opportunities to practice & demonstrate what we learnt

# The quality of material, interactiveness, detailing of each session

# Indranil is a thorough expert in this field. Highly engaging conversations. Excellent content & delivery. Very well structured & relevant to our needs

What did you like most about your workshop ?

# I liked the flow in terms of building foundation, building a story and communicating value of story telling concepts.
# The instructor – this is the key element in such workshops
# The concepts were explained in an easy to grasp manner.
# Energy, diction, speech, concept, stories repository, skilled delivery by the facilitator
# Spontaneous examples that stick to the mind



What did you like most about your workshop ?

# Keeping participants active and involved throughout the day. Practice sessions.  Very interactive session.

# The approach of science in the art of story telling.

# Trainer ability to engage audience

# The section on developing a story,  The techniques  were very helpful

# Structure of training was easy to understand & grasp. Trainer  experienced. Down to earth examples shared


What did you like most about your workshop?

# The way the details were articulated and demonstrated for us to become natural storytellers

# The trainer, Indranil and his energy. His ability to reformat an user story is simply awesome. The simple constructive mechanism in the class were also great

# “Lead by example”. IC told great stories and we had a chance to observe how to tell stories “invisibly”. Great feedback

# Examples, as it is all about hands-on / tried myself. Also will try during presentation in the coming week

# Different ideas to get your point put up during presentations and discussions with larger team


What did you like most about your workshop?

# Bringing alive the concept of storytelling to communicate intricate message in an effective way

# Videos to bring home the point, bringing science to storytelling, the stories that were cited as examples were powerful

# Understanding the framework in a business context

# Lot of relevant examples and techniques; made things relateable and practical to use

# The structure of storytelling. I believe we all know this earlier and today lot more to learn






What did you like most about your workshop?

# The flow of the workshop was “remarkable”. The techniques used was very unique. One of the few workshops which keeps the audience engaged every moment.

#The content, sequencing of the topics, well prepared, organized. Real time feed back. Question and answer sessions. Team activity. Overall engaging session and I learned a lot which I hope stays with me forever.

#What I like the most was the way the workshop was delivered with eg. stories, structure to keep it engaging. The learning was immense and its great that we get support for 6 months to practice.

# I could understand the process/techniques behind storytelling and this gave me confidence that I can be a good/impactful speaker. The workshop was very impactful.

# New ways of communicating and get the things done. This has helped me in communicating with my team and help to have win-win situations.


What did you like most about the workshop ?

# I loved the fact that IC walked the talk (used stories when making a point himself) . All examples were very sticky.

# It kept me engaged and intrigued throughout the time. It was relevant to the challenges & expectations we face.

# I learnt how to form a story, how to collect and store stories and more importantly practice how to tell a story. This will help me to be a better communicator and connect with people.

# Highlighted how powerful stories can be when told in the right manner and how you can influence/ motivate using them

# The training wheels which do feel like science in story telling

# This is such a vital shift that doesn’t just impact my professional life but also my personal life .



What did you like most about the workshop ?

# Faculty and examples are the best thing.

# Relevant content to my role. I feel this will improve communication

# Very energetic, articulate facilitator

# Crisp, Succinct, Experiential, Practice oriented, Group process, Videos

# When to use which story and structure of Story.