Two monks were walking from their monastery to another one nearby. One was an old wise monk, the other a novice.
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A few weeks ago, I was asked by someone in a large media house looking at commissioning a storytelling project, “What would be the ROI?” Even though I had in my own mind anticipated such a question over many projects I had done, I don’t think I was necessarily prepared with a convincing answer. I asked instead, “How do you, in your organisation calculate the ROI of, say, a strategy workshop, of an annual conference or indeed any exercise involving human beings and several other variables?” I went on to say that we do identify impact measures like perception change, change in engagement levels, etc., but I had no clue about how to quantify them in rupees crore.

But today I have an answer. Actually two answers. One is Euro 17 per word and the other is 28.06. And I promise you, I didn’t pull those number out of a hat.

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“A free online gobbledygook generator for writing strategy document! Really?” This was my reaction when a friend told me about this online utility. Is this where all the consultants get those words which I always thought were safely guarded in vaults at big consulting company head offices?

“It’s time that we became uber-efficient with our holistic relative capability” was one such random line generated when I tried. Wow! I am now well on my way to becoming a hot shot management consultant.
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We are all irrational beings. Repeatedly making dubious decisions both at home and at work. Emotions, social norms, expectations and context all keep leading us astray.Continue Reading..

Continuing, from the earlier blog, on our quest to increase sales by at least 20% by using the power of stories, we will discuss the remaining part of the sales process, and how and what kind of stories we can use to increase our impact.Continue Reading..

“The top 20% of my team outsells the others by a large margin. All of them are natural storytellers. Imagine what we could do if we helped the next 20% or 30% learn this skill.”
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Arguments don’t work. The standard approach to changing people’s minds is to find and communicate an appropriate argument to convince them. Continue Reading..

Stories based on something that actually happened in the past are usually more powerful than stories we want to write about how the future will be.Continue Reading..

Make case studies interesting to read, easy to recall and effortless to retell by introducing elements of a good story.Continue Reading..

How to make your pitch credible, viable and persuasive enough for someone to believe in you and want to put their money on your idea.Continue Reading..