“Forged in the Stars” A Story Commissioned by NASA, Jay O’Callahan

Jay O’Callahan, an internationally renowned, professional story-teller, was commissioned by NASA to create a story to celebrate the national space agency’s 50th anniversary. Jay’s creative process involved almost two years of research, including interviews with astronauts, engineers and many other NASA employees.

O’Callahan’s resulting work, entitled “Forged in the Stars”, was first delivered on Oct 07, 2010. It features the stories of three prominent NASA personalities: J.C. High Eagle, a NASA engineer of Cherokee Indian heritage whose childhood dream was to help men land on the moon; astronaut Neil Armstrong in the 1969 Apollo moon landing; and the poignant story of New Hampshire teacher Christa McAuliffe, who died in the space shuttle Challenger disaster. Further, the story explores the wondrous journey of the twin Voyager spacecraft, launched in 1977 with the goal of exploring Jupiter and Saturn, and continuing on to this day to places no other spacecraft has ever explored. Subsequently, Jay has given performances of “Forged in the Stars” at NASA Headquarters, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Goddard Space Center; Kennedy Space Center; Harvard University, MIT; and very many other venues in the US and elsewhere.


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