Using Evernote to Story Journal for Easy Retrieval

This post is an add-on to the piece on ‘Building your story repertoire‘ – .

The funny things about how our brain stores and retrieves stories is that while we can remember stories if we are reminded about hero, central characters or plots, we find it difficult to recall stories when told about the point the story made or the moral.

For example, I am sure you would roll your eyes if

I asked you whether you remember the hare and tortoise story. Of course you do. But if you had a presentation coming up and you wanted a story about not taking your skill for granted would you remember that from all the stories that you know the hare and tortoise is an apt one for this situation ? Unlikely.

Hence, we need a way to store stories in a searchable manner and that where Evernote come in. It allows you tag the stories you store so that when you search for the tag the story is revealed.

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