Appreciation from the talk on “The Power of Stories in Business” to the HR Leadership Team @ Airtel

It’s a great feeling when you meet people interested in trying out new things and not being regimented in their approach. The session was about what stories can do at work. I am grateful for their encouragement, excitement and appreciation.

They gave me a beautiful book called “The history of Airtel by its own people” – Airtel stories.

On the inner cover they told me how they felt after the session. It is reaction like these that make it all worth it. (Click on the picture to enlarge – the text of what they said is also given below)

Airtel Appreciation for StoryWorks

It was wonderful to have you with us today. Truly inspirational.” – B. Srikanth, Global CHRO

Thank you for the amazing stories and insights” – Aditya Kohli, SVP & Head HR (Core Functions)

You triggered a story…..of my becoming a storyteller. Thanks.” – Papiya Banerjee, CLO & Global Head of Talent

Thanks for the wonderful session” – Abhay Singh – VP & Head Global HR Shared Services

It was one of the most engaging sessions and tremendous learning” – Richa Channa – Head Performance & Reward

It’s a subject close to my heart! Completely loved your session! Thanks a ton 🙂” – Gayatri Taragi – Head Talent Acquisition

Thanks for a very interesting session. Will definitely remember these stories for a long time“. – Priyanka Ray – Head Exec Rewards & Global Mobility

Thank you so much….the session was really inspiringRasmeeta Nayak – Head HRActiv (HRSS)

It was definitely one of the most engaging two hour corporate session of my life. I’m sure I will remember this for a lifetime. Thanks“. – Tanya Chawla, HR BP

What an eye-opener! Thank you for this great session!“- Tanya Bahuguna, HR EA

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