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What did you like most about the workshop ?

# I loved the fact that IC walked the talk (used stories when making a point himself) . All examples were very sticky.

# It kept me engaged and intrigued throughout the time. It was relevant to the challenges & expectations we face.

# I learnt how to form a story, how to collect and store stories and more importantly practice how to tell a story. This will help me to be a better communicator and connect with people.

# Highlighted how powerful stories can be when told in the right manner and how you can influence/ motivate using them

# The training wheels which do feel like science in story telling

# This is such a vital shift that doesn’t just impact my professional life but also my personal life .



What did you like most about the workshop ?

# Faculty and examples are the best thing.

# Relevant content to my role. I feel this will improve communication

# Very energetic, articulate facilitator

# Crisp, Succinct, Experiential, Practice oriented, Group process, Videos

# When to use which story and structure of Story.




What did you like most about the workshop ?

# Structure storytelling.  Importance of story as a leadership tool.

# Simple techniques of storytelling. The learning can be used in life apart from office.

# The impact of a narrative. Makes the communication effective.

# Power of stories, bring clarity and influence. I have struggled at times getting all the above with facts.

# Simple format;  message sticks!

# The content of the workshop and the seamless flow of the two days made it very interesting.

# Variety in instructions that kept me engaged.



What did you like most about the workshop ?

# The examples of various situations; story structure for clarity

# Suggested literature and practice over the period would bring perfection

# Practical & Simple structure – interactive.

# The concept of storytelling in business

# The concept. Content, delivery, connect



What did you like most about the workshop ?
# Importance and impact of stories. It can make a difference.

# The ‘discovery’ of storytelling as an authentic, natural skill. The practical elements / tips to building our own story bank.

# It gave a completely new perspective on how we can land our messages more successfully, with lots of examples to help us realize how it can be achieved. What I values the most is the multiple levels the knowledge we got can be applied : personally, professionally, in the corporate world and beyond.

# Activities, collaboration, believe that learning comes through practice

# Interaction. Theory/Practice Mix. Simplicity. Practical application ideas.



What did you like most about the workshop ? 
# The content was apt and the delivery of content was fantastic

# Can be replicated easily in everyday situations

# Never thought that storytelling can be an effective tool in business. It changed the perception

# This was an eye opener. We ignore this aspect of communication (storytelling) and the way it differentiated from a more theatrical storytelling.

# The structure of the program is good and clear.


What did you like most about the workshop ? Why ?
# Effective communication of team and handling anti-stories

# The examples and role plays were more relevant to our day to day interaction with customers.

# The most interesting part of the workshop was on influencing stories which tells clearly structured way of handling customer objections

# This will help to focus on my preparations before meeting client

# It is a different program which opens up opportunity to be more effective



What did you like most about the workshop ? Why ?

# Very relevant to work. Applicable immediately; I liked the videos and the reference material. The content and facilitation technique was engaging. Lots of examples for understanding and inspiration. The last 2 sections are a bit more theoretical.

# Relevant to real life situation. It helps to link easily. Very helpful for the way IC relate the story.

# Practice during the workshop so we know how to improve. Technique on how to make trigger storytelling.

# Developed my understanding on concepts of storytelling. real life examples were good help.Great experience !! Looking forward to apply the concepts. Good course to start with.

# The tools and practicing of the content. Next 24 weeks followup through email platform.

# The entire concept is very unique. I like the structure of the model which can be used as a framework.This has made me more confident and now I have a structure to follow.


It’s a great feeling when you meet people interested in trying out new things and not being regimented in their approach. The session was about what stories can do at work. I am grateful for their encouragement, excitement and appreciation.

They gave me a beautiful book called “The history of Airtel by its own people” – Airtel stories.

On the inner cover they told me how they felt after the session. It is reaction like these that make it all worth it. (Click on the picture to enlarge – the text of what they said is also given below)

Airtel Appreciation for StoryWorks

It was wonderful to have you with us today. Truly inspirational.” – B. Srikanth, Global CHRO

Thank you for the amazing stories and insights” – Aditya Kohli, SVP & Head HR (Core Functions)

You triggered a story…..of my becoming a storyteller. Thanks.” – Papiya Banerjee, CLO & Global Head of Talent

Thanks for the wonderful session” – Abhay Singh – VP & Head Global HR Shared Services

It was one of the most engaging sessions and tremendous learning” – Richa Channa – Head Performance & Reward

It’s a subject close to my heart! Completely loved your session! Thanks a ton 🙂” – Gayatri Taragi – Head Talent Acquisition

Thanks for a very interesting session. Will definitely remember these stories for a long time“. – Priyanka Ray – Head Exec Rewards & Global Mobility

Thank you so much….the session was really inspiringRasmeeta Nayak – Head HRActiv (HRSS)

It was definitely one of the most engaging two hour corporate session of my life. I’m sure I will remember this for a lifetime. Thanks“. – Tanya Chawla, HR BP

What an eye-opener! Thank you for this great session!“- Tanya Bahuguna, HR EA

RBL Bank hs recently launched its new proposition. They are our ‘Apno Ka Bank’.

As part of the role out exercise we are using stories. A narrative has been created so that the senior managers can explain the change and the reason for the change to the rest of the employees.

In addition, to integrate the messaging, we have also collected stories from stakeholders about how they experience RBL Bank as their “Apno Ka Bank”.

Here are some examples from the Annual Report 2015-16. (Please click on the image to read the stories – The text of the stories are also reproduced below the pictures).

RBL Annual Report Stories 1

RBL Annual Report Stories 3

RBL Annual Report Stories 2

In March 2015, when RBI issued guidelines to apply for payment bank license, we evaluated many banks but finally zeroed in on RBL Bank as our preferred partners as the bank was keen to adopt new technologies and expand financial services to the last mile where banking solutions were not available, a vision & mission similar to ours. We were very happy with the quick turnaround time and proactivity of the bank in providing financial solutions and hence shifted our escrow account to RBL Bank. This is just one of the ways in which the Bank encourages and supports the growth of its partners.

Sukhdeep Singh Vice President, Business Development and Banking, Oxigen Services India Pvt Ltd

In 2010, microfinance institutions faced a major headwind. Banks stopped lending to them, because they considered it a risky proposition. When we approached RBL Bank with our proposal, we were expecting a negative reaction but were pleasantly surprised when they did not follow the same trend. RBL Bank believed in our management team, capability and risk management framework; and lent us a helping hand, when no support was forthcoming. The partnership has been very fulfilling which is why now we run all our new ideas and proposals for new transaction structures through RBL bank as our preferred partners. This is one of the many ways the Bank builds strong relationship with its partners.”

Vineet Sukumar, CFO, IFMR Capital Finance Pvt Ltd

I have been banking with RBL Bank since 1990 and have been happy with the variety of personalised banking services offered by the bank over the years. In 2014, I visited the Shahupuri branch, Kolhapur and witnessed an elderly couple walking into the branch to renew their Fixed Deposit. The FD counter was situated on the first floor of the branch making it very cumbersome for the senior couple to walk up the stairs. I brought this to the Branch Managers notice and within a few minutes, a makeshift FD desk was set up at the ground level to facilitate the elderly couple. The branch manager also went a step further and convinced the central office to change the layout of the branch permanently. This is one of the ways in which our employees put themselves in the customers shoes and make their convenience & ease a priority.”

Sanjay Shete, Retail Banking Customer

In 2010, following the Andhra crisis in MFI sector, NBFC’s faced a major challenge. They were cash strapped and getting finances from banks was becoming very difficult. With conditions turning tougher each day, we approached RBL Bank for financial assistance to support our company’s growth. Post evaluation and due diligence a line of credit was sanctioned to UML when we needed it the most. Today circumstances are different; we are now a thriving organisation having relationships with over 40 banks but still RBL bank is our “Bank of Choice”. This is just one of the ways in which RBL respects its customers.

Abhishek Kumar, CFO, Utkarsh Microfinance Ltd.

I joined RBL Bank in 2014 and was offered a role in Dombivali branch, Mumbai. Within three months of joining, I found the long hours of traveling to work and back very exhausting. I was not able to do justice to either my work or my family. Since I felt that my manager was approachable, I spoke to him and shared my concern and asked whether it was possible to get a transfer to a branch closer to my home. He reached out and found an opportunity for me at the Lower Parel branch and this reduced my travel time by almost 70%. Thus leaving me with a lot of energy and enthusiasm which I put into my work and family. This is just one of the many examples of our employees living the bank’s value of respect.

Midhat Koor, Sr. Manager – Customer Service, Lower Parel Branch

In the corporate world, there is no room for mistakes. You have to get it right at the first go, if you have to succeed. I joined RBL Bank in March 2015, and within one year was able to sell the highest number of Life Insurance policies. My manager commended my efforts on various platforms thus encouraging me to work hard. But everyday cannot be your day. There was a time when I could not achieve my target and was anticipating a strong reaction from my manager. I was taken aback when he did not write me off, instead he played the role of a mentor and helped me ‘right my wrongs’. This positive reaction has motivated me to supersede my targets. This is one of the ways in which RBL Bank supports its people by creating a culture of learning, thereby encouraging employees to achieve excellence.

Hiran Janani, Area Head – Bancassurance, Gujarat & MP